J. David Velleman


David Velleman (PhD, Princeton, 1983) is Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics at the Philosophy Department of NYU. Before that he was teaching for more than twenty years at the Philosophy Department of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

His main areas of work and interest are Philosophy of Action, Meta-ethics, Empirical Moral Psychology, and Bioethics.

Professor Velleman has published six books: Practical Reflection (2007, CSLI), The Possibility of Practical Reason (2001, Oxford University Press, 2015, open-access second edition, Maize Books), Self to Self (2006, Cambridge University Press), How We Get Along (2009, Cambridge University Press), Foundations for Moral Relativism (2015, Open Book Publishers), Beyond Prize (2015, Open Book Publishers, 2015), and co-authored with Herlinde Pauer-Studer, Konrad Morgen. The Conscience of a Nazi Judge

Recents publications include

– “Time for Action” in Time and the Philosophy of Action, 2016

– “A Note on Practical Knowledge” in The Winower, 2016

– “What Good Will is” in Rational and Social Agency, 2014

Recent talks and lectures

Logic and Cognitive Science Lecture Series, NC State University, March 2017

– “Kant Among the Sherpas” in Whitehead Lectures, Harvard University, April 2015

– “Morality Here and There” in Kant Lectures, Stanford University, Nov. 2014